Permaculture gardens and aesthetics

I thought I’d write something about gardens and the way they look – and especially the look of ones inspired by permaculture.

Permaculture's artistic side

No matter your homestead reality, permaculture can help you move closer to the space of your dreams. Permaculture is a design system that mimics nature in a way that is aesthetically pleasing while also functional, productive, and sustainable.

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Permaculture is many things. Is beauty one of them?

Throughout my travels, I have encountered a perception that permaculture and aesthetic beauty are mutually exclusive endeavors. According to multiple sources in the public garden sector, this diver…

Front Yard Gardens: Rules For Growing Food Out Front

So you want to turn your lawn into a front yard garden? Here’s how to stay friends with the neighbors.

Upcycled Living - The Resource Collection Zone ie; the Junkyard

Strategic Zone of Materials Accumulation: This is an essential element of any sustainable homestead. Basically it's where you store all the useful crap that ...

Junkyard or playground paradise? Kids making their own adventures

NYC “adventure playground” lets children make their own worlds without pesky parental supervision

Just say NO to Blue Tarp Syndrome! Why you need to KonMari your Permaculture Site

full yearlong course at freepermaculture.comVideo transcript:Hola, everyone, it's me, Heather Jo Flores, and this week in our free permaculture class, we are...

Urban Farms

Find what you need to know about backyard chickens, beehives, rooftop gardens, and everything else for producing food at home.

10 Haunting Images From the Sony World Photography Awards

Photographers capture landscapes, portraits, wildlife and more for Sony World Photography Awards.