The Power of the Matriarch — White Gum Wool

Had I any idea of the pivotal role she would play in my life, I would have given my lead ewe a better name. Boadicea, for instance. Or maybe Elizabeth. Or even Frances Darlene after my difficult and undeniably contrary mother. But at the time I saved her from the usual fate of 5 year-olds on most sh

Animals In A Permaculture System

What is the relationship between your permaculture design and the animals in it? This class will help you figure it out.

Buckwheat treats for the pastured pigs

We broadcast various annuals and perennials into our pastures before and after the pigs graze.

Vegan Book of Permaculture: Recipes for Healthy Eating and Earthright Living by Graham Burnett

Description A vegan cookbook packed with wholesome recipes, veganic growing, forest gardening and eco-friendly living. How we eat is such a fundamental part of what we are; yet in our present timepoor culture of pre-packed fast foods, food can become an expensive symptom of alienation and disempowerment.

Getting Ready For Lambing

Lambing indoors is easier to deal with emergencies quickly. It also protects the newborn lambs from foxes.

Lesley Perrett

Starting with sheep videos, including sheep care and Lambing. I will be uploading a Video every week. I hope it helps you not make the same mistakes as I did when I started back in 2007. My journey has been a great one with highs and lows.

The Accidental Smallholder

Smallholding articles and advice from experienced smallholders the world over. Smallholding forum, recipes, equipment, books and supplies for smallholders.

Pastured Pigs at Nettle Valley Farm

A brief overview of the pastured pig management systems we use at Nettle Valley Farm.

Best Ways to Recycle and Compost Dog Waste for Free - PetHelpful

Dog waste should be recycled and used, not dumped in a septic tank, trash bin, or composted using chemicals.

21 Things to Know Before Starting a Goat Farm | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

21 things you should know or wish you had known before starting a goat farm. Covering everything from kids to climbing to personality and more.

Integrating Animals on a Permaculture Farm

In any natural, stable and thriving ecosystem such as a forest or woodland, there is a diversity of trees, plants and animals. Without animals to process fruits and grass turning them into manure for the insects and other microbiology in the soil to break down, I am not sure how our forests would look.

Animals in Ecosystems

Animals in Ecosystems: solid evidence demonstrates the positive impact of animals on ecosystems, the mutually beneficial relationships between plants, animals, land, air & water.

Rabbit poop is the shit

SOIL PREPARATION is the foundation of any successful garden.  Too often, the eagerness to get our seeds in the ground, to watch those first sprouts reach up towards the sky – soaking in the sun’s rays – exclaiming victory to the gardener in our quest to create new life, sustenance and nutrition for our family causes us to neglect the most basic (and often the most labor intensive) component of the process – dirt. Some years ago, I was in wine country in Rutherford, California on a tour of an organic vineyard.  As friends of the owner, our group was invited on a personal tour through the vegetable garden and then out into the vineyard.  While at the edge of the property, the proud vintner grabbed a shovel that had been left resting on a fence line and handed it to