World Cafe And The Art Of Hosting

A selection of techniques for bringing people together to build friendships and create collective cohesion.

The Art Of Hosting Within Permaculture

What does it mean to host yourself and others in these deep times? And how does that connect with permaculture?What is the Art of Hosting?

The Sound of the Seven Doorways

The Sound of the Seven Doorways can be found in Games for Actors and Non-Actors by Augusto Boal.

Collective Story Harvest of Chicago Dialogue & Deliberation Projects

The Chicago Dialogue & Deliberation Community of Practice (COP), the Illinois Art of Hosting and the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Chicago ...

Inclusive meetings and events

Techniques for successful group meetings To ensure good thinking, clear process and meetings in which everyone can feel confident and comfortable, we recommend a range of simple techniques. All the techniques listed below are easy to learn and easy to use, and after a bit of initial practice, can be easily incorporated into most situations where people are thinking, learning and working together.

What is sociocracy?

This is a 18-minute introduction to sociocracy (aka Dynamic Governance) produced by Sociocracy For All ( It covers circles and role...

Celebration of The Circle Way

Interviews with circle practitioners who are using The Circle Way in a variety of settings in North America for diverse purposes.

Art of Hosting - Proaction Cafe

The powerful Art of Hosting technique of Proaction Cafe is explored in this video as means of moving from discussion into action.

Columbian Hypnosis Theatre of the Oppressed March 18 2012 Occupy the Empty Space

Filmed March 18, 2012. A social theater game exploring the role of leader and follower; who's in control, who's following, what if leading and following at t...

How Facilitators can change the World. | Zenergy Global

This article explores three qualities of trained facilitators that can improve significantly the way we work together in the world. By Simone Maus.

Core Art of Hosting Practices

Work in progress! As you may notice, this page is getting step-by-step to completion. More gets added as time passes by... CORE METHODOLOGIES: CIRCLE PRACTICE…