Keeping Chickens And Other Barnyard Birds

Tips for keeping chickens and other types of barnyard birds. Pros, cons, and chicken tractor designs!

Chicken Tractor Good Design Practices, Tips & Tricks For Building, Ideas The Lewis Family FarmA video on good ideas to incorporate into the design of your chicken tractor. Good ways to water and fee...

Chickens In The FOOD FOREST, Permaculture Gardening With Chickens

Chickens and a Food Forest can be incredibly beneficial to one another when managed properly. The Permaculture perspective is important when gardening with c...

Simple chicken tractor built on a budget: DIY

A few years ago I built this chicken tractor to house my chickens during the summer. I built it to hold up to 6 chickens but at the moment I only have 4. Thi...

Transition Culture

20 Oct 2008 For many years I have taught permaculture courses, and like many who do so, I start my courses with the Tale of Two Chickens. This is a very useful way of looking at inputs, outputs, and the science of maximising beneficial relationships, and it concludes with describing one of permaculture's Holy Grails, The Chicken/Greenhouse.

Chicken Powered Permaculture Design for Permaculture Gardens, Farming and Food Forests

Chickens power Permaculture design by both the work they do and the yields they produce. You will find a useful role for chickens at any scale, whether you are establishing extensive Permaculture farming, food forests, or a small backyard Permaculture garden.

Chickens in Permaculture - Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute

The Benefits of Permaculture The article titled Permaculture, also found on this site, educates readers about the practice of permaculture to create an organic, almost self-sustaining food source that can […]

Chickens and Permaculture Garden Design - Homesteading and Livestock - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Raise chickens in a sustainable way with your permaculture garden, using them for food and a way to produce good compost to help your garden.

The Complete Guide to Keeping Permaculture Chickens - GroCycle

Chickens are beginner-friendly animals to keep. Learn how they fit into permaculture systems and get a step-by-step guide on how to keep permaculture chickens.

Permaculture and Chickens: Get More Function from Your Fowl | Community Chickens

Permaculture and chickens, more function from your fowl, compost, chicken feed, homestead, backyard chickens, manure and gardening.

Touring Takota Coen's Permaculture Chicken System

Why would Takota plant fruit trees in his chicken pens? Find out why, and learn more creative chicken raising ideas in this visit to Takota Coen's permacultu...