Climates, Microclimates, And Season Extension

What are microclimates and how can you use them? We'll explore the basics and discuss ways to extend your growing season.

Embers Of Hope: Embracing Life In An Age Of Ecological Destruction And Climate Chaos

The future of life on Earth is uncertain and our lifetimes are finite. Consider our own deaths as well as the possibilities of climate catastrophe.

A Simple Meditation For Pandemic, Climate Emergency And Other Disasters

By Dido Dunlop In times like now, our emotional strength and resilience can feel drained away. It can seem like our inner resources are not enough. Yet here we are, still alive. I Am Alive When the going gets tough, I meditate on this. I remind myself that I’m still alive. It’s the most precious and essential thing. Now, overtaken by pandemic, we’re constantly reminded that we or our loved ones might quite suddenly not be alive. We can get so caught up in worries about how to manage, we forget to stop, and notice that in this present moment, we…

Having Kids In A Climate Crisis: Can You Do It? I'm Too Scared

By Gudrun Cartwright As always, I was fascinated by what happened in Davos this year. If not necessarily encouraged. Donald Trump criticised climate ’prophets of doom’, pronouncing the amazingness of the USA and promoting their fracked gas as a safe solution to energy security. On the same stage, Greta Thunberg gave all the adults in the room a good talking to about the rapid action needed to tackle climate and ecological breakdown to provide her generation with a future that they can thrive in. HRH The Prince of Wales told us that we have just ten years to get our…

Permaculture: Greenhouse Tour

Elaine Johnson, Permaculture Specialist, gives a tour of the greenhouse located on our Motherhouse campus in Adrian, Michigan. The majority of seedlings grow...

Microclimate - Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Microclimate identification and enhancement is a cornerstone to Permaculture Design. These tools and tips covered in this article are paramount.

How To Grow Tomatoes In A Temperate Climate

By Heather Jo Flores Tips for cloudy skies tomato gardeners In a foggy, temperate climate, most of us know the drill: Start seeds indoors in early spring and use grow lights if you have ’em. Plant in fertile soil with plenty of space in mid-June. Trellis, water, prune and pray and maybe, just maybe, get some ripened homegrown tomatoes before the rains come again in September, when what started out as a savory dream of salsa and gazpacho turns into six pounds of green tomatoes topped with powdery mildew and hopeful plans for next year. But there’s hope! Tomatoes are…

A Passive Solar Greenhouse - In the Alaska Garden with Heidi Rader

In this video, Emily Garrity, owner of Twitter Creek Gardens in Homer, Alaska gives us a tour of her passive solar greenhouse and describes what she uses it ...

What Causes Microclimates - Vegetation - Climate Policy Watcher

Microclimates are caused by local differences in the amount of heat or water received or trapped near the surface. A microclimate may differ from its surroundings by receiving more energy, so it is a little warmer than its surroundings.

Hardiness zone

A hardiness zone is a geographic area defined to encompass a certain range of climatic conditions relevant to plant growth and survival.

What's the difference between weather and climate?

Video transcript:What's the difference between weather and climate?Take a look outside your window.Is it hot and sunny?Is it cloudy and rainy?Is there snow o...