Traversing the curve of ideas diffusion

According to Dr Robert Gillman - a one-time NASA astrophysicist turned sustainability educator and at the time publisher of In Context magazine - there is a process by which new ideas move from the creative fringe of society into the conservative core.

Yield (Permaculture Principle 3: Obtain a Yield)

Permaculture Album out now! Grab it here: next song in the Permaculture Musical-Cabaret series. Principle 3: Obtai...

Cyclic Opportunity in the Permaculture Garden for the yearlong #freepermaculture coursePartial video transcriptionHello, today we're talking about the principle of cyclic opportu...

Permaculture magazine

Maddy explains a permaculture design principle that turns the world on its head – Energy Cycling. She also offers biological and a business example and also a world-changing idea, the Gift Economy.

Cyclic migration

The seasonal cycle creates and withdraws opportunities at geographically separated locations. Both animals and humans respond to these changes by moving physically from one place to the other, only to return as the cycle continues.

Permaculture Design Cyles

Chapter 2 - Concepts and Themes in Permaculture Design, Section 2.6 Permaculture Cycles A Niche in Time, Permaculture Designers Manual