Permaculture Earthworks And Keyline Design

Berms, swales, and terraces are but a few of the many ways we can use earthworks in permaculture.

Earthworks Best Practices/ Design/ Context Building - Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Written by Doug Crouch To implement an earthwork within a landscape can be a rather simple choice when the correct protocol are in place for its inception.  Thus in this article we will look at some of those factors and complement it with design principles that help you to select the right earthwork in the right place…

Subak - UNESCO World Heritage

Bali's traditional Subak irrigation system has been announced as UNESCO's World Heritage ( June 29, 2012 )

Topographic Map Slope (Gradient) Calculation from Contours

is the measure of steepness or the degree of inclination of a feature relative to the horizontal plane. Gradient, grade, incline and pitch are used interchangably with slope. Slope is typically expressed as a percentage, an angle, or a ratio. The average slope of a terrain feature can conveniently be calculated from contour lines on a topo map.

Permaculture Earthworks - The Clay Model - Midwest Permaculture

PDC teacher Bill Wilson demonstrates how permaculture earthworks such as swales, ponds, keylines and key points all fit together to rehydrate the landscape.

Hawk's Journey Farm Permaculture Earthworks Installation

Come Experience - Restoration Agriculture Earthworks Farm Tour up our water and air while stab...

Here's a Quick Way to Terrace a Hill [ Free Download]

Are you challenged with sloping land? Here's a solution to stop erosion on a hillside and create an easily-navigable terrace garden.

What is a Permaculture Swale: Irrigate the Easy Way [ Free Download]

A permaculture swale is a technique that captures water for irrigation and slowing runoff. Learn what a swale is and why you might need one in your yard.

Keyline Design - Definitions & Examples

The central idea behind Keyline design is to consciously slow, sink and spread rainwater, distributing excess water towards drier parts of the landscape.

Permaculture Sector Analysis: Identifying Risks And Designing Solutions

Permaculture sector analysis is about designing the world we want while acknowledging the realities of the world we live in.

Early Stages of Permaculture Earthworks: Observing Water Flow

My Permaculture system is still very young and immature. However it's showing signs of how it might work in the future. the little bit of earthworks that I'v...

Design Permaculture Earthworks with, Google Earth Pro & Google SketchUp

Go to to create a topographical map of any size, anywhere in the world.This is an excerpt from a 1 hour long video all ab...

Earthworks for Water Catchment with The Permaculture Student Online

Read about Earthworks and Advanced Permaculture in depth in the first peer-reviewed permaculture textbook - FREE for a Limited Time Only: http://www.theperma...