Smart Farm: Women group found niche in banana value addition

Have you heard of banana flour? A women's group that had almost given up on banana farming stumbled upon this idea that has subsequently tripled their earnin...

Organic farm finds success with niche products

La Mesa Organic Farm in Dixon, N.M. is developing a following for fresh apple cider and blue corn atole. The small family farm has garnered federal business ...

Family Run Farm Finding Niche In Industry

News 8's Jim Keithley has a closer look at local farm that's been re-inventing itself for more than 70 years. Plus, what sets this family run business a part...

Ethical Marketing: Pro-Tips For Your Right Livelihood

Essential tips for online entrepreneurs, especially if you’re relatively new at this and have spent any time at all resisting learning about “marketing” because it’s yucky.`

Examples of Niches in Permaculture

Over the years, I've come to believe that permaculture is one of the most important movements for positive change on the planet. Not only does it provide an empowering and practical framework for working with the land and communities but also a real chance at meaningful work and right livelihood.

My Permaculture Wealth Building Journey

Permaculture offers a rich toolkit for designing for holistic abundance not only in our landscapes, but our personal finances as well.

Quitting Your Job to Farm Seeds For a Living? 🌱

My friend Brijette used to be a green interior designer, making beautiful living walls. Not anymore. Now she farms for seeds in her own backyard in San Diego...

Why Teaching is My Jam — Lucie Bardos

Later this month, I will be facilitating a Permaculture Design Certificate course in Kelowna, BC. I am so very excited and I wanted to share with any readers who might stumble across this blog post, a few reflections that I have with regard to teaching.

4 - The Niche

The Niche: how do you identify a strong target market for your business? Learn how to avoid the classic blunders.

Finding a Profitable Permaculture Niche For Your Business

In this video I talk to Tad Hargrave about the importance of choosing a niche. Permaculture especially is such a massive subject that it is impossible to do ...