Gaining Ground: 8 Places To Grow Food If You Don’t Have Access To Land

For people who have their own yard, starting a garden is easy. But for those who don’t have easy access to land, starting a garden takes a little more effort.

My land is your land: the Landshare concept - Milkwood: permaculture courses, skills stories

Update Februray 2021 -  Landshare is no longer operating as an entity in Australia or the UK (links to those site have been removed), however Landshare

Why My Farm Isn’t A “Permaculture Farm”

As we integrate into living, working farm communities, it’s important to remember that a permaculture farm is not a new idea.

On Permaculture, Entitlement, And That Pesky Third Ethic: All Aboard The Elephant In The Room

By Heather Jo Flores “Contact with the soil reminds us that we are an integral part of nature, rather than feeling shut out and excluded. The simple acts of growing and eating our own food, recreating habitats in which nature’s diversity thrives, and taking steps to live more simply are practical ways of living which connect us to an awareness of Nature’s seamless whole. Permaculture is a spiritual reconnection as well as an ecological strategy.” — Maddy Harland. What is permaculture? Strictly speaking, “Permaculture” is a word coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the 1970’s. They took the words “permanent”…

Permaculture On The Edge

Building an anti/beyond/despite capitalist movement By Becky Ellis Permaculture is a philosophy and set of practices aimed at creating regenerative human spaces that mimic natural eco-systems. The concept was developed by two Australians, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, in the 1970s based on their observations of the ecological systems created by Indigenous and “traditional” communities around the world. The philosophy of permaculture offers a counter-hegemonic worldview especially regarding the place of human societies within nature. While permaculture can be thought of as a movement, some of its proponents insist it stay de-politicized and professionalized as a system of ecological design.…

Emergent Herbalism; Plants, People, And Culture

The cross-cultural use of herbs and herbal medicine has experienced a significant resurgence in the past several decades. This emergent herbalism has become a popular method of alternative medicine as well as a profitable commercial industry.

Ethical Marketing: Pro-Tips For Your Right Livelihood

Essential tips for online entrepreneurs, especially if you’re relatively new at this and have spent any time at all resisting learning about “marketing” because it’s yucky.`

Permaculture Ethics In Public Education

Using permaculture ethics in public education to engage children in sustainable efforts.

Silent Night: A permaculture perspective on global ecosystem collapse

The frog pool was square — fifty feet wide and seventy feet long and four feet deep. Lush soft grass grew about its edge and a little ditch brought the water from the river to it and from it little ditches went out to the orchards. There were frogs there all right, thousands of them. Their voices beat the night, they boomed and barked and croaked and rattled. They sang to the stars, to the waning moon, to the waving grasses. They bellowed love songs and challenges. John Steinbeck, Cannery Row I

Exploring the Third Ethic of Permaculture: Finding a Sense of Surplus

In part, the insecurities that drive people to hoard stem from our transition, long ago, from cyclical to linear time.

What is Permaculture? | permaculture-design

Permaculture is a design approach applicable from balcony to farm, from city to wilderness, enabling us to provide our food, energy, shelter, material and non-material needs, as well as the social and economic infrastructures that support them.

Wikis | permaculture-design

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