Farmscale Permaculture

What does permaculture look like on big land versus in an urban setting? How is farmscale permaculture different than home scale permaculture?

Getting Ready For Lambing

Lambing indoors is easier to deal with emergencies quickly. It also protects the newborn lambs from foxes.

Small-scale Farmers — not Lab-based Foods — can Help Save The Planet

Over the past few decades there has been a consolidating of power and control in the food system into the hands of a small group of agro-chemical corporations, we need more small-scale farmers to produce healthy organic food.

Dry Stone Walls

Dry stone walls are a significant part of the landscape in many parts of the world. They are built in places where there are plenty of stones nearby, and where trees don’t thrive well enough to create hedges or to provide materials for fencing.

Zones on a large site versus a small one: what shifts?

Video transcript:How are permaculture zones different on a large site versus a small site? Let's just have a quick look at an example. So this is a suburban ...

About the IAASTD Report

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Why Should Farmers Get Subsidies?

Over recent years, there has been a growing resentment about the subsidies farmers receive. But why do farmers get subsidies anyway?

Permaculture Namibia: Women Empowerment Our mission is to turn problems into solutions. Our current objectives include increasing food and water security, promoti...

Premier Farm Tour: JUSTIN RHODES' 75-Acre Permaculture Homestead

After touring hundreds of farms & visiting all 50 states during the Great American Farm Tour, Justin Rhodes can finally settle back into farm life on his 75 ...


Here are reasonably high-resolution scans of the designs we've completed to date. Overall Site Zone Analysis, placing the things that need...

Home - Ecosystem Restoration at Project Wadi Attir

Project Wadi Attir is a groundbreaking initiative of the Bedouin community in the Negev desert, establishing a model sustainable agricultural operation and regional educational center, demonstrating a holistic, integrated approach to sustainable development in an arid eco-zone. The project was initiated by The Sustainability Laboratory, a US-based non-profit, and the Hura Municipal Council, the governing body of a local Bedouin township.

ABOUT | nettlevalleyfarm

ABOUT Nettle Valley Farm is a 67 acre farmstead in Spring Grove, MN. ​ Our mission is to raise the best pastured pork possible, practice radical transparency, be good neighbors, and pay it forward whenever we can. ​ Dayna Burtness does most of the day to day farm management and animal care.

How a farmer turned 90 acres of wasteland into a lush green forest in Odisha

Forest #Organicfarming #Climateresilient In 1988, Sabarmatee and her father Radhamohan bought an acre of degraded land in Nayagarh district of Odisha. They ...

A Forest Garden With 500 Edible Plants Could Lead to a Sustainable Future | Short Film Showcase

Instead of neat rows of monoculture, forest gardens combine fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables together in one seemingly wild...

Palestinian farmers use permaculture to challenge occupation

A groundbreaking permaculture project in the West Bank is under threat -- for the second time. Sarah Irving finds out how an alternative agriculture movement is trying to find solutions to some of

10 months to PARADISE with Permaculture Design | the 12 Acre Farm of the Future

The south's premier permaculture designer, Pete Kanaris shows us what permaculture design can do, in just 10 months.... MIND blown. Subscribe to Pete for more:...

Why My Farm Isn’t A “Permaculture Farm”

As we integrate into living, working farm communities, it’s important to remember that a permaculture farm is not a new idea.