How To Grow A Permaculture Food Forest

Which plants grow well together, and how can you create garden guilds that layer plants in time, space and function?

Cold Hardy Figs And Why You Should Grow Them

Delicious, drought-tolerant, easy to grow…what’s not to love? by Heather Jo Flores I can’t stop eating them. There’s a fig tree at the place where I am staying and I can’t seem to keep them out of my mouth! It’s a huge tree, maybe 50 years old, sprawling across the low wood fence and dropping down into the neighbors’ yard. They don’t mind. Every October, both houses get more figs than they know what to do with, just from the one tree. It’s a Black Spanish, and it’s famous among fig aficionados as being one of most prolific, cold-hardy and easy…

How To Grow A Food Forest

How to make a permaculture garden that produces food for humans and other species, year-round.

Chinampas: Floating Gardens of Costa Rica Permaculture Farm Tour

It's abou that time for some more incredible content from the caribbean coastline of Costa Rica! Sarah Wu takes us on the first part of an off-the-grid adven...

If You Guild It, They Will Come: How To Grow A Permaculture Food Forest

group plants together for specific reasons, encourage them to spread into permanent, self-managing landscapes

Planting Trees To Feed Future Generations

Permaculture approaches to feeding the world in a changing climate, planting trees to feed future generations.

Botany For Everyone

Aside from the bean growing experiments in primary school and the occasional plant part identification ditto sheet, many of us have not had any formal botanical education in botany.

Growing Plants Together: Guilds, Companion Plants, and Polycultures in a Permaculture Garden

How to group plants together to make layers of function, space, and time and make the most of whatever garden space you have available!This video was created...

The 7 Layers of the Forest Garden with Maddy Harland

Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture magazine, walks us around her edible food forest, showing the seven layers that make up a forest garden: High tree cano...

Visit Britain's Oldest Forest Garden

Visit Graham and Nancy Bell's beautiful, productive temperate food forest, the first forest garden in the north of Britain on the Scottish Borders establishe...

Cold Climate Food Forest Tour

Take a cold climate food forest tour of Master Gardener Kareen Erbe's permaculture homestead in Bozeman, Montana, USA. Kareen's food forest is several years ...

Paradise Gardening (an essay by Joe Hollis) - Mountain Gardens

We want to save the world, and we want to save ourselves. It's the same thing. The problems confronting us are enormous and at every level: personal, social, planetary. I will spare you a list. My aim is to suggest that they are all symptoms of one problem, and to propose a solution.

How To Grow A Pollinator Garden

Need to attract a more diverse group of insects and pollinators? Here's how to grow a pollinator garden.

The 'Paradise Gardening' Concept

Joe Hollis of Mountain Gardens describes his concept of 'Paradise Gardening.'To learn more about paradise gardening and Mountain Gardens, visit