Basics Of Food Preservation And Alternatives To Canning

Basic methods of saving the harvest. We focus on alternatives to canning such as drying and fermentations.

Herbal Elixirs And Infusions

Need any recipes for medicinal herbs? Herbal elixirs involve steeping medicinal herbs in honey or, maple syrup, sometimes combining them with brandy or other alcohol, or fermenting them, such as medicinal meads.

Wild Fermentation | Fermentation makes foods more nutritious, as well as delicious! :: Wild Fermentation

Fermentation makes foods more nutritious, as well as delicious. Microscopic organisms - our ancestors and allies - transform food and extend its usefulness. Fermentation is found throughout human cultures. Hundreds of medical and scientific studies confirm what folklore has always known: Fermented foods help people stay healthy.

Eat With The Seasons: Basics Of Food Preservation

Harvest time blesses with abundance, a good time to know the basics of food preservation.

How to Build a Root Cellar in 7 Steps | Food Storage

How to Build a Root Cellar : some simple ways to store vegetables and crops for winter in a root cellar, and some guidelines for ...

How to Make Sauerkraut in a Mason Jar (The EASY Way!)

Making sauerkraut doesn't have to be a big deal. Today, Rachel quickly demonstrates how to make sauerkraut in a mason jar. All you need is salt, water and ca...

Permaculture magazine

Learn how how careful picking, packing and storage can increase the life of your harvest and how each fruit and veg has its ideal storage environment.

Permaculture magazine

Permaculture in Pots author Juliet Kemp explains the different ways to preserve your fruit and veggies when they all crop at once.