Free Permaculture Courses Online

Free Permaculture Courses Online

multimedia classes about sustainable living from the author/founder of Food Not Lawns

Online writing challenge for women

Jump into this fun, lighthearted challenge, using nature-based writing prompts to explore and share!

Free Permaculture Coloring Book

This 33-page, all original coloring book will teach the whole family the basics of ecological permaculture design.

Free Online Permaculture Classes

See what’s inside the Permaculture Women’s Guild Design Certification Course with our free Guest Pass

Get rid of bad habits and create good ones

Use an ecological design process to root out bad habits and create good ones in your day to day creative life.

Design your right livelihood

Where can you best contribute your unique intersection of skills and experience, for the good of the Earth and all of us on it?

Free Online Permaculture Courses

Courses, community, and lots of free permaculture resources with the author of Food Not Lawns

Looking for some new Permaculture Forums?

Check out our selection of friendly, active Facebook groups. where you can get kind and knowledgeable advice about gardening, sustainable living, and more.

Free Yearlong Online Permaculture Course

Join more than 50,000 students on this yearlong journey to your ecological homestead design! Start anytime, it's free!