Goals: Getting Started With Your Permaculture Design Project

How to set goals for your permaculture design project, and why your attitude might be your most useful tool.

The Delicate Art of Interviewing Stakeholders

If interviewing a user is journalism, then interviewing a stakeholder is going on a first date. You're earnest about learning something from this person, but you also want to learn about this person. You may even be picturing yourself in a long-term relationship with this person, so to speak, and aware of the impression you're making.

Emotional Permaculture: Design Your Inner Landscape

Procrastination, burnout, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm are all symptoms that you need to put some energy into designing your inner landscape.

Why SMART Goals Suck

SMART goals have been on the scene since 1981, but they really aren't that smart, so let's make them SMARTER

Permaculture Design Principle 11 – Attitudinal Principles

The eleventh and final Permaculture design principle is ‘Attitudinal Principles’ In contrast to the previous ten principles were environmentally or ecologically focussed, ‘Attitudinal Principles’ i…

Attitudinal Principles - Permaculture Design Course Handbook

The attitudinal principles frame zen permaculture thinking and our ability to work withnature, turn problems into solution, and create community.