Zones Of Human Use In A Permaculture System

Permaculture zones help us organize our spaces according to how (and how often) we use them

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TRI In preparation for this celebratory Earth Month which includes Earth Day on the 22nd, and Arbor Day on the 29th, our March be book discussion group featured Doug Tallamy's latest book, Nature's Best Hope, which offers the premise of a Homegrown National Park , which is created through the collective effort of landowners everywhere to establish individual yards as networked nature conservation areas.

What Is Zone 00 Design And Why Should You Start Yours?!

I don’t know you, but for me, reading self-development books has always been intensely frustrating.

Herbal Elixirs And Infusions

Need any recipes for medicinal herbs? Herbal elixirs involve steeping medicinal herbs in honey or, maple syrup, sometimes combining them with brandy or other alcohol, or fermenting them, such as medicinal meads.

Eat With The Seasons: Preserving Autumn's Garden Bounty The Healthy Planet

by Crystal Moore-Stevens The Autumn Equinox sends a signal to the backyard gardeners' cerebral cortex, gently reminding us that the harvest season has arrived and that now is the time to be preserving and putting up food for the winter.

Permaculture Zones

A permaculture site is divided into zones. Understanding the five zones allows for a design that considers the most effective placement of components and how...

Bottling or Home Canning – Preparation Fruit and Vegetables

Methods for preparing the most popular fruits and vegetables for bottling and canning including preparing syrup and brine From food writer Val Harrison

Demystifying The Permaculture Base Map

One of the most common sticking points for permaculture students is the base map, so let's take care of that right now!

Zones in a permaculture system

sign up for the free yearlong permaculture course at www.freepermaculture.comPartial video transcription:Hello, friends, it's me, Heather Jo Flores, and I ju...


Digital Tools for Permaculture

Beginner-friendly apps and tutorials for computer-aided ecological design

How to Design a Permaculture Backyard: Step by Step Instructions - GroCycle

Your backyard doesn't have to be just grass! Learn how to design a permaculture backyard full of diversity and bounty.

Permaculture design: Home energy systems

Marisha Auerbach gives a tour of her home energy systems in Portland, Oregon, USA.This video is part of Oregon State University's Online Permaculture Design ...

Integrated Permaculture Systems on a 1/10th Acre Urban Lot - Victoria, BC

In this video we wanted to share an inspiring tour of our good friends' Chris & Susannah Adam's family home. On a 1/10th acre, they, along with their childre...