Our Permaculture Roots

When Bill Mollison moved from Tasmania around 1984 to nearby Tyalgum on the NSW/Queensland border, he frequently visited the Fanton family and gardens, recounting into the night permaculturesque tales from his most recent travels. The three Fanton children had the huge privilege of his fascinating company and stories.

Seed Savers Exchange

As a customer, member, or donor, you support our mission and our nonprofit work to... Preserve We steward a collection of 20,000 rare and heirloom varieties in a seed bank at our Iowa headquarters. Distribute Through our catalog and online store, we get varieties out of our seed bank and growing.

How to Organize a Community Seed Swap

But don't limit yourself to just seeds! I have been organizing events like these for close to 20 years and folks have brought surplus plants, trees, garden supplies, food preserves and homebrews. A seed swap attracts more than just the local permaculture crowd.

Frank Morton - The Value of Seeds

Frank Morton, seed specialist, farmer, and owner of Wild Garden Seed, talks about the importance of saving seed to modern agriculture.


If you are a seed saver, Seed Keeper, part of a seed organization, seed swap or exchange, then the Community Seed Network is for you! Connect Now We whole heartedly believe that the non-commercial saving and sharing of open-pollinated seed makes the world a better place for everyone.

Seed Saving For Beginners

Learn the basics of how to grow, select, harvest, store, and distribute heirloom and organic seeds.

Six Ways to Screen and Winnow Seeds - BC Farms & Food

Separating seeds from their pods can be time-consuming. Here is a list of simple, low-tech devices for separating seeds from debris and chaff.

On seeds, decolonization and the feminine side of things - a conversation with Rowen White

Gosia Rokicka: You are a Seed Keeper - that's a pretty cool job title. Can you tell us more about what you do? Rowen White: I come from a place called Akwesasne, which is an indigenous Mohawk community near the Canadian border.

How Seed Saver Networks Are Protecting The Planet's Biodiversity

As more farmers and gardeners take an interest in permaculture, seed savers’ networks are becoming a vital way to preserve heirloom varieties and protect our planet’s biodiversity. Although not as visible as the farmers’ markets that line our neighborhood sidewalks on Sundays, they’re an integral part of the farm-to-table movement. Seed savers and seed libraries… Read More

TEDxTC - Winona LaDuke - Seeds of Our Ancestors, Seeds of Life

Winona is an internationally renowned activist working on issues of sustainable development, renewable energy and food systems. She lives and works on the Wh...

How to Save Seeds of All Sorts | A Complete Guide to Garden Seed Saving | Frugal Gardening

Seed saving is NOT hard, and if you haven't done it yet, NOW is the time to start! I get asked all the time to share what I know about saving seeds, so here ...

Organic Seed Alliance - Advancing ethical seed solutions to meet food and farming needs in a changing world

We envision organic seed systems that are democratic and just, support human and environmental health, and deliver genetically diverse and regionally adapted seed to farmers everywhere.

Saving Seeds: Grocery Store Produce vs Home Grown - GardenZeus

Can you save the seeds from the vegetables you purchased from the grocery store and use them to grow your summer vegetable crop?

How to plant an edible garden with seeds from store-bought items

For anyone who has wondered if it's worthwhile to plant the cloves of store-bought garlic that are starting to sprout, the answer is a yes, but a qualified yes.

Save Vegetable Seeds in Your Backyard - Organic Gardening - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Follow these seed saving techniques to save seeds. Learn how to collect, label and store seeds, perform germination testing and understand seed longevity.

How to save your own veg seed

Cut costs by collecting and saving your own veg seed - we explain how, in this practical guide.

Can I Save Seeds from Grocery Store Produce for Planting?

Q: I’ve got spring fever and I’m starting to think about what to plant in my garden this year. I’m thinking this year I want to grow some red peppers and tomatoes for sure.Is there any reason I can’t just save some seeds from produce purchased at my local grocery store to plant? Or will I have better luck purchasing seeds or seedlings instead?Sent by RebeccaEditor: Rebecca, you could certainly try, especially if you have produce from a local farmers market.

Sowing Seeds: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

In this video and article we're going to explore some simple tips for sowing with success under cover. Let's start the new growing season as we mean...

Growing Vegetables From Seed

In-depth advice on how to grow your crops from seed to produce cost-effective healthy plants for your...

Saving Seeds From Your Homegrown Vegetables

Saving seed from one year to plant the next is an age-old tradition. It may sound like extra work but the results can be extremely rewarding and save...

Publications - Organic Seed Alliance

OSA regularly publishes and distributes resources free of charge. Our publications include manuals on how to conduct plant breeding, seed production, and variety trials; record keeping materials; proceedings from our Organic Seed Growers Conference; and policy reports, webinars, and more. Your donation at any level supports our ability to release new resources. If you use OSA’s resource library or are looking for seed education resources that you didn’t find in it,  » Read more about: Publications  »

Planning for Seed Saving

More and more of my garden seeds are born and raised in my garden. I confess that this has never been a primary goal - I love trying new veggie...

The Shop of Permaculture Magazine

An accessible guide to saving seeds – both easy and more difficult vegetables plus further resources.