Invisible Structures In Permaculture

What are invisible structures and why are they such an essential part of your sustainable homestead and/or community project?

The Elephant At The Front Door: A Designers Approach To Shadow Work

By Jennifer English Morgan Crash, clatter, smash, tink, tink. A careless boy’s ball shatters the front window pane. A scorned lover flings a picture frame into the brick fireplace. A glass slipping through nervous fingers falls to the floor. All adrenaline rushes of fear, anger, and surprise. Moments of exhilaration turned sour if left to ferment. When trauma goes unresolved, fragments of the soul get imprisoned. The glass is a broken mirror. The shards and cracks remind us of suffering. Painful memories lodge into our psyche. Eckhart Tolle named this tenant, the pain body. It’s that little voice in our…

Sowing Ideas

A perspective on how to care for the nature and the biodiversity within and around us.

Standing Rock And The Battle To Regain Our Humanity

Standing Rock became, not just a simple protest, but a working, living example of what was possible, what could be done.

Invisible Structures: Economics In Permaculture

The problem is the solution. Observing invisible structures, economics in permaculture.

Invisible Structures, revisited

Exploring the invisible structures through emotional permaculture.www.heatherjoflores.comPartial video transcriptionHola, today I want to talk a little bit m...