Patterns In Nature And Biomimicry

Patterns in nature repeat on each and every scale, and we can mimic them in our designs.

Bringing Nature Inside

Some ideas for improving access to nature connection if you, or someone you are close to, has an illness or disability meaning they find it difficult to be outdoors and need to bring nature inside.

Earth Based Spirituality And Permaculture — The 5 Elements As A Design Tool

Earth Based Spirituality, using Earth, fire, air, water and spirit to as a tool to design my journey to Andalucía.

Introduction - Biomimicry Toolbox

Welcome to the Biomimicry Toolbox, your guide to applying nature's lessons to design challenges. Let's begin our introduction to the practice of biomimicry by defining what it is, why it is important and how biomimicry differs from other fields that sound similar.

Biomimicry: definition & examples (explained with drawings)

In this whiteboard animation, I present the concept of Biomimicry (imitating life) and how it can be used to solve our most pressing sustainability challenge...

patterns in nature

A visual exploration of the relationship of patterns in flowers and their relationship to other forms seen in the physical and natural world. Spirals, branch...

Can One Mathematical Model Explain All Patterns In Nature?

All patterns in nature might be describable using this mathematical theory. How did Alan Turing influence how we see the natural world?Who Was Ada Lovelace, ...

Replicating Nature's Systems

Toby Hemenway, permaculture teacher and author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture explains how nature's systems should be replicated in all aspects of our lives.


When we see how the branching of trees resembles the branching of arteries and the branching of rivers, how crystal grains look like soap bubbles and the plates of a tortoise's shell, how the fiddle heads of ferns, stellar galaxies, and water emptying from the bathtub spiral in a similar

Chapter 4: Pattern Understanding - Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Chapter four of the Designers Manual is what sets apart permaculture from other design sciences like landscape architecture.  Both interface with buildings and landscape, yet permaculture is more holistic due to its focus on patterns.  The principles chapter shows natures workings in space and time and gives us tools on a broad context to design…

Understanding patterns in nature with permaculture

Ever wondered what pattern in permaculture design is really all about? Using nature's wisdom and understanding patterns is a powerful tool in permaculture design. RegenAg and permaculture specialist, Darren Doherty, explains how patterning work in nature and how we can harness this amazing resource and use it to design ecological systems.Filmed on a Permaculture Design Certification workshop in Oberlin.

Patterns in Nature Part One - an introduction - Permaculture in Formation

Pattern Understanding as it relates to permaculture, sustainable agriculture, and garden design. Spirals, branching patterns, nets, and waves.

What Is A Patterns In Nature Essay

Heaven is my father and earth is my mother, and I, a small child, find myself placed intimately between them. What fills the universe I regard as my body; what directs the universe I regard as my nature. All people are my brothers and sisters; all things are my companions.

What is Biomimicry? - Biomimicry 3.8

Scroll Biomimicry is learning from and then emulating nature's forms, processes, and ecosystems to create more sustainable designs. Spider webs, for example, represent nature's ability to deter collisions. × Spiders weave UV reflective strands of silk into their webs to prevent birds from flying through.

What is biomimicry? Definition and examples of biomimicry

What is biomimicry? In which areas can we use biomimicry and what perspectives does it follow? Best examples of biomimicry and biomimetic applications?

Biomimetic design: 10 examples of nature inspiring technology

A result of millions of years of successive improvement through natural selection, nature seems to have a solution for everything – find out how we’re using them to solve modern, human problems.