Permavangelism: How NOT To Spread The Word About Permaculture

How to share the good news about permaculture, without preaching to the choir or scaring people off.

How To Organize A Seed Swap

Whether you save your own seeds or just have a bunch of leftover packets from years past, a seed swap is a great way to expand the diversity of both your garden and your community. By Heather Jo Flores But don’t limit yourself to just seeds! I have been organizing events like these for close to 20 years and folks have brought surplus plants, trees, garden supplies, food preserves and homebrews. A seed swap attracts more than just the local permaculture crowd. People from all walks of life have a passion for gardening and seed saving, and this event can…

How To Organize A SkillShare And Shift The Culture Of Your Community

In this article I will show you how to transform the way your community learns and cooperates, through learning how to organize a skillshare.

Avoid These Common Mistakes After Your Permaculture Design Certificate Course…

By Karryn Olson Often, after an in-depth permaculture learning experience, folks emerge with the desire to change their living or working situations so that they can make a bigger difference in the world. I’ve identified some common mistakes that can be detours or even obstacles on this path towards a right livelihood, and I’m sharing them in the hopes you can avoid them and instead, fast-track regenerative solutions. Mistake #1: Permavangelizing People are attracted to permaculture for different reasons. Some even “fall in love” with it. Have you? Why? Or why not? Here are some of the reasons I was super…

Stop preaching, start teaching what you know

Do you know what makes a good teacher? The internet has an abundance of second-hand advice from the unskilled and underprepared. It seems all you have to do is slap on a teacher label and start preaching. I've read countless articles where the author purely reiterates what they've learnt from someone else, but not what they've actually done.