Permaculture Principles: A Cornucopia

What are the principles of permaculture? Here's a massive collection of ecological design principles from a variety of sources

Permaculture Coloring Book • Free Permaculture Class

This 33-page, all original coloring book was written by Lucie Bardos, Heather Jo Flores, and Marit Parker, and features original illustrations by Lucie Bardos.

The 4 P's of Permaculture: Place, Patterns, Process, Principles

An introduction to permaculture and overview of how the GOBRADIME design process connects to the permaculture principles. With Heather Jo Flores, author/foun...

permaculture forums

Join our free permaculture forums, and build community with other people who share your specific location and interests. Learn and share resources about ecological gardening and sustainable living in a safe, secure network free from trolling, data-mining, and corporate interests. Join groups, enroll in free courses, find and post jobs and work-trade opportunities, and more!

Why I Use Permaculture For Everything

an ode to the principles and processes of nature as applied to teaching and organizing my writing career

Applying Graphic Design Principles To Social Permaculture

In working on a specific part of a social design I realized there is no way to design something in which a considered minority is excluded.

Principles Of Presence:

Applying Permaculture Design and Integral Theory to Personal Development By Jennifer English Morgan The image of a woman wearing a golden straw hat with a basket of colorful goodies from tending her summer kitchen garden and herb spiral may come to mind when I say the word Permaculture. This image may elicit the taste of a fresh ripe heirloom tomato on your lips, or the smell of handpicked dill and basil wafting through the kitchen. Those sensory observations might expand out to a larger scale, with a picture of a mother and father hoisting shovels and pickaxes, drenched in sweat,…