Permaculture And The Scale Of Permanence

How do you design your landscape? Start with the scale of permanence. a tool that helps us plan a project and avoid mistakes that will be hard to correct.

04 Yeoman's Nevallan Farm

This video is one in a series that is part of an online module Permaculture Water Design: Drought Proofing Farms produced by Andrew Millison at Oregon Stat...

Scales of Landscape Permanence

The Scales of Landscape permanence was originated by Australian agricultural innovator, P.A. Yeomans, who developed the Keyline Design system. Here's an exam...

Reading The Land at the Radical Mycology Convergence 2012 1/8

A workshop by Nance Klehm at the 2012 Radical Mycology Convergence in Port Townsend,

Observation & Mapping

Aranya and Chris Evans share their thoughts on permaculture site observation and mapping ahead of their course at Applewood in March 2019. More details: http...


An ability to read landscape provides the landuse designer the opportunity to work with rather than against the processes of nature. David Holmgren. ACCORDING to David Holmgren, author of Trees on the Treeless Plain - A Revegetation Manual for Central Victoria and Permaculture - Principles and Pathways Towards Sustainability, there are four approaches to reading the land: scientific information, field naturalism, contemplative awareness and the reading of indicators.

Reading The Land After Fire | Erik Ohlsen

Rising from the ashes, the land responds to the 2017 California Firestorm.  Check out what happened on the land a few weeks after the fire hit! The environment of California is a Fire Ecology. This means that many plants, animals, fungi and ecological processes depend on intermittent fire for seed viability, soil PH balancing, mineral […]

Scale of Permanence

The Scale of permanence is a tool adapted from the land management techniques of P.A. Yeomans which asks the designer to consider what is easiest and most di...