Permaculture Sector Analysis & Mapping

Sectors are the uncontrolled influences that we have to consider in our designs. Here's how and why to map them.

Introduction to Permaculture

Sectors are directional forces that come in from outside our site. Mapping sectors is an important part of the Permaculture design process and part of the decision making matrix that this book teaches. This page introduces the concept of sectors and provides resources for identifying and mapping those directional forces.

Hierarchies Vs Networks

Governments vs people power, hierarchies vs networks and response to crisis.

Session 16: Sector Analysis — flowful

This session is part of flowful's Permaculture & Resilience Online Course. For all sessions visit: In today’s session, we will show you the benefits of Sector Analysis as a second tool to get your design tailor-made to your framework conditions. After finishing th

GOBRADIME Step 5: Analysis

Reviewing data, organizing information, and making decisions for your design project.

Permaculture Sector Analysis

Day 60 - Another rainy day! It's time for more permaculture design discussion. Today's discussion is about using a sector analysis for design implementatio...

Permaculture Sector Analysis: Identifying Risks And Designing Solutions

Permaculture sector analysis is about designing the world we want while acknowledging the realities of the world we live in.

Demystifying The Permaculture Base Map

One of the most common sticking points for permaculture students is the base map, so let's take care of that right now!