Planting Trees To Feed Future Generations

Permaculture approaches to feeding the world in a changing climate, planting trees to feed future generations.

Cold Hardy Figs And Why You Should Grow Them

Delicious, drought-tolerant, easy to grow…what’s not to love? by Heather Jo Flores I can’t stop eating them. There’s a fig tree at the place where I am staying and I can’t seem to keep them out of my mouth! It’s a huge tree, maybe 50 years old, sprawling across the low wood fence and dropping down into the neighbors’ yard. They don’t mind. Every October, both houses get more figs than they know what to do with, just from the one tree. It’s a Black Spanish, and it’s famous among fig aficionados as being one of most prolific, cold-hardy and easy…

Lessons From A Tree: Living And Creating With Earth As Play

Am I done with choosing struggle? What would it be like to navigate the unknown with play? This is the story of how a tree showed me a way.

Chapter 6: Trees and their Energy Transactions - Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Written by Doug Crouch Imagine that tree, that one tree when you were young that you connected with.  Maybe you climbed it, maybe you picked its delicious fruit, maybe you held its enormous leaves when they fell in the autumn.  Imagine it, give yourself back to that moment and time to realize the great importance that…

How to plant a tree

How to plant a tree - choosing a tree, size of hole, instructions for container grown or balled-and-burlapped plants; after care and staking tips

Plant Guild Designs for 'Heal the Planet Farm', Missouri - Midwest Permaculture

As part of the full design for Jordan Rubin's Heal the Planet Farm in Koshkonong, MO, we will be creating a demonstration food forest.

How To Prune Fruit Trees

By Heather Jo Flores Most basic pruning, especially on young trees that haven’t been previously damaged or badly pruned, can be done by anyone with some basic information Should I Stay or Should I Go? The main reason for fruit tree pruning is to increase air circulation, which protects against insect infestation and disease. An air-congested tree will also stop fruiting, so it generally makes sense to remove anything that is growing toward the center for a better flow. But before you start hacking branches, try this simple system for figuring out what to cut and why. Follow the Leaders…

80 Favorite Plants for Permaculture Guilds in the Midwest - Midwest Permaculture

Our 80 Favorite Plants It is not necessary or even helpful to make permaculture plant designs complicated. When it comes to designing different planting systems we inevitably come up with many of the same plants, project after project. This is no surprise as there are certain species that most p

Plant Guilds - Midwest Permaculture

Download our free Plant Guilds eBook, containing nine examples for your landscape. Learn how you can mimic natural ecosystems and provide for yourself.

Your guide to fantastic fruit trees for every climate -

If you live in an area that gets frost in winter, there’s still a wide choice of suitable fruit trees. Best fruit trees to grow in Victoria

Want to Enjoy a Long, Happy Life? Live Near Trees, Say Researchers

Researchers have now established that if you want a healthy brain and more resiliency to stress, living near a forest is one of the best moves you can make.

Fruit Tree Grafting for Beginners

Last week I spoke about how who I plan my orchard of food producing perennials. Near the end of that video I spoke about the fact that you can increase the ...

Living With The Land Part 1 - Forest Gardening

Martin Crawford, pioneering forest gardener, introduces us to his beautiful Forest Garden full of food, fibres and medicinal plants in South Devon.Centred around a key interview with Martin, the film uses drone shots for never seen before vantage points of his garden.What once stood as a flat field in 1994, is today a multi layered, ecosystem of trees, shrubs and ground covers, producing fruits, nuts, and medicinal products. Forest Gardening is a designed agronomic system based on trees, shrubs and perennial plants mimicking the structure of a natural forest.

Permaculture And The Scale Of Permanence

How do you design your landscape? Start with the scale of permanence. a tool that helps us plan a project and avoid mistakes that will be hard to correct.